Rules Of Videoetry


1. Use your own photos and/or video.

2. Use your own poetry or words to describe your


3. Use your own musical creation, or if you use

someone else's, do NOT exceed 30 seconds.

Who wants to make a cute videoetry of these items to post on my site? Hmmm? That would be fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today, I feature my first collaboration with someone other than family. In this videoetry, beautiful sunflowers are celebrated in footage provided by LakeTahoeWeather's Sean Rutkowski. I was honored that Sean offered his video footage for me to use in videoetries. There is more of his lovely footage from the Lake Tahoe area he shared with me, and I hope you will check back to see what other videoetric delights we can come up with!
Add to the mix, a fantastic tune from  There you can download free music to use in your videos.  I look forward to exploring more of Dano's tunes for future works.
I hope you enjoy "Sunflowers".
Ciao for now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Prayer for Texas"

My recent trip to Texas found me scootin' through the back country southwest of Dallas, meeting nice folks, and gaping at the expansiveness of everything.  People still smile there even though the ground is thirsty. 

Many said they were sad that I would see their land in a drought, but I still saw the tenacious beauty that is Texas.  I offer this prayerful videoetry in hope that rain will return soon.

Hope you enjoy "Prayer for Texas".

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Ode To Tahoe" and Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Folks!

Today I reach back into my photo collection and use photos to create a videoetry about Lake Tahoe.  Wish like heck I was there!  Tahoe is currently in the throes of summer's last breath and will probably see the first snows soon.

fabulouslaketahoe made a comment on my "Shenandoah" videoetry on how beautiful it is up there in Virginia.  When I remarked to him that he lives in the most remarkable place, he commented that you have to work around stuff.  True, but that's true anywhere.  Even places like Yosemite have touristas everywhere getting in your photographing way.

I know I have eyed a huge bunch of these beautiful, yellow flowers at my kids' bus stop.  I keep fussing at myself for not bringing my cell phone to get a shot of those flowers in the early sunrise light.  They're at the end of our drive and next to ugly blacktop, but I bet I'll make them pretty!  If I do get some shots before they die, you'll be the first to know.

Finally, I dedicate this videoetry to two of my subscribers who a) live in fabulous Lake Tahoe and b) follow my videoetries.  I truly appreciate you laketahoeweather and fabulouslaketahoe!  Hope you enjoy
"Ode To Tahoe".

Ciao for now!