Rules Of Videoetry


1. Use your own photos and/or video.

2. Use your own poetry or words to describe your


3. Use your own musical creation, or if you use

someone else's, do NOT exceed 30 seconds.

Who wants to make a cute videoetry of these items to post on my site? Hmmm? That would be fun!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Segue On An Autumn Road"

Hi All!

My videoetry for today is another first!  Three Youtube channels that I follow contributed video, photos, and music for a videoetry I put together about life and autumn roads. 

Sean Rutkowski with laketahoeweather, who was my first non-family contributor, is back with some great fall video footage around Lake Tahoe.  "Autumn Notes" music from donniemusicchannel and Don Sanders, adds the perfect haunting backdrop for the piece.  Then, great macro photography from ithree6mafia rounds the videoetry out.  Voila! Another videoetry is born!

Autumn is my favorite time of year and I've always loved how the trees seem to give this great gasp of beauty and energy before they "die" for the winter.   Where are you on life's road?

Ciao for now and hope you enjoy "Segue On An Autumn Road".


Friday, November 4, 2011

"Sailing" - A New Collaboration

This is a post in arrears on probably one of my favorite videoetries, "Sailing".  It is a meditative piece AND it is a collaboration using video footage from Sean Rutkowski at LakeTahoeWeather on YouTube,  music from, and my poetry and video editing. 

Lake Tahoe is such a beautiful place and Sean's lovely footage around the lake makes me smile.  Thanks, Sean, for sharing!

I love working with folks to create these videoetries. Feel free to share your photographs, video footage, music snippets, and poetry.  Or better yet, make your own videoetries and let me share your work on my channel as well as yours. 

Hope you enjoy "Sailing".

Ciao for now!