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1. Use your own photos and/or video.

2. Use your own poetry or words to describe your


3. Use your own musical creation, or if you use

someone else's, do NOT exceed 30 seconds.

Who wants to make a cute videoetry of these items to post on my site? Hmmm? That would be fun!

Friday, February 25, 2011

"Put My Tears In Your Bottle"

Sorry to have not written in so long.  My computer caught a bug earlier in the week and spent a few days in the shop.  Thankfully, my videoetries remained intact.  I was sweating bullets~!

Today, I feature a videoetry inspired by one of my favorite books, BLUE by Joyce Hostetter.  Set in North Carolina in 1944 during a raging polio epidemic, the novel has a marvelous lesson about perserverance. 

The words are the chorus to the song.  The carnival glass in the videoetry is a nod to the bottle collection discussed in the book. 

Please feel free to bookmark Videoetry in your favorites or subscribe to the channel.  I would love to have you aboard!

Enjoy today's videoetry


Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday...Need a "Lift"?

Happy Monday to you!

First, I would like to invite you to bookmark or subscribe to my blog!  And/or the YouTube Videoetry channel!   It would be an honor to have you on board.

Today, I thought I would dig back in the archives and highlight one of the first videoetries I posted.  It doesn't even have my fashionable tag at the end of it, LOL. 

When my family and I arrived after dark in Driggs, ID, we had no idea that behind our hotel, the Tetons were standing guard.  And we didn't know that on that weekend every year, they have a huge balloon festival right behind the hotel.  And we didn't know our room was on the back of the hotel.

So, imagine if you will waking up to huffing and puffing balloon furnaces (or whatever they're called), looking out the window to see humongous, multicolored balloons expanding in the early morning light and, beyond that, the Grand Tetons outlined in the sunrise.  Serendipitous to say the least!

I squealed in delight and called my mother - thankful they were 2 hours later in the morning back East - to tell her what I was seeing.  And this little videoetry - with photography I know by my husband - lets you in on what we saw.

Ciao for now!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Remembering There Will Be Light...

Hi There,
Today's video I dedicate to my Uncle Larry and my good friend, Greg.  Both of them lost their wives within a week and a day of each other and it has been very hard on them - and, as you can imagine, on all the rest of us as well. 

It's been a bit since I uploaded a new videoetry.  With everything that's been going on, I didn't know if I was in the right frame of mind to create.  But believe me!  I was working on some and found in my sorrow, that they were very cathartic. 

Today's videoetry - "High Cotton" - was a good one on which to work lately.  Even though I wrote it last summer about thunder clouds from the airplane, it is a great metaphor for tough times like these.

Poetry eases the soul...and Videoetry adds the kick...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Kid In Town...


There's another videoetry person on board and I am honored that she allowed me to share her stufff. Her YouTube channel is EvaWilliams1988.  Here is her first videoetry  I have tried to add it to my Playlist on the Videoetry site, but this is a direct link. 

It is thrilling to have someone else give videoetry a try and I look forward to more from her in the future!  (Got that , Eva?!)

Ciao for now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

MY Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I am featuring a videoetry about love, of course.  It all started when I was driving last week with a printed photo on the dash of my car.  I noticed a reflection in the window with two people kissing and a sunset view of the road in the background. I stopped the car immediately and took a picture.

Knowing Valentine's Day was just around the corner, I decided to create a videoetry about my romance using scenery around our home. Remember, I feel blessed to have a poetic hubby! Happy Valentine's Day!

Ciao for now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come On Baby, Light My Fire!

Happy Sunday!

It is Valentine's weekend and so I thought fireworks would be appropriate.  This videoetry is based on a poem that my husband wrote about fireworks over Lake Tahoe.  He makes a very interesting observation.

And for the record, I feel I am very blessed that my Valentine can wax poetic! :)  Please click the following to enjoy "Twice The Show."

Ciao for now!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Ah, the weekend is upon us.  Hopefully I'll score some time to work on more videoetries!  It is Valentine's weekend.  Maybe I can make one to express love before Monday.

But today, I want to highlight a videoetry about Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  What a byooootiful spot on this earth!  The tram will cost you, but it's the longest on this earth and well worth the money.  Or if you're terrified of heights, you can drive up the back of the mountain to the top. 

However you get there, just enjoy the view!

Ciao for now!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

OK, so maybe the whole US may have seen a bit too much snow this winter.  Hey, snow in Atlanta?  Mississippi and Alabama?  Many feet of snow already in Tahoe?  (OK, that might not be such a stretch...)  Whew!

But this videoetry I am featuring today is set in a place where snow is ALWAYS around.  Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  My family was able to have a semi-comfortable picnic in this alpine wonderland at the pinnacle of the park over 10,000 feet above sea level. 

And this is what I was inspired to write about -

Ciao for now!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little "Chat With Sam"

Happy Saturday!

Today's videoetry comes from some photos I took in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the same stunning garden from which "Circle of Peace" was created.   I absolutely loved the statue of Mark Twain and, in the complete photo, I'm sitting with him looking like we're in conversation.  Oh, if only I could pick his brain for a day!

He is without a doubt one of my idols.  I loved his humor and his storytelling.  In light of the recent debate over changing his words, this videoetry is maybe a bit of a metaphor - like a statue, we should keep the stories he told "ensconced" in the time frame in which they were created. 

Would love your opinion on it!  Have a great weekend!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Mother Nature's Kiss

TGIF, Everyone!

Today, I want to highlight one of the first videoetries I placed on my YouTube channel.  It is called "Mother Nature's Kiss" and I wrote it in honor of a beautiful cliff at Yosemite National Park.  The image caused me to quickly pull the car over and walk back down the road to catch the perfect shot.

The sun created a shadow on the rock face (literally) that looked like lips.  I thought of how it could be Mother Nature herself kissing all of us, the spellbound tourists.  Enjoy!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wyoming Acrobats

Good morning!

Today I bring the circus to town - not!  Just a little haiku about the wind fields in Wyoming that we saw as we crossed the beautiful cowboy country.  I have heard folks talk about the magnitude of these fields and I have seen pictures, but it is another thing to be rolling along and come across one.

Have a wonderful day!