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1. Use your own photos and/or video.

2. Use your own poetry or words to describe your


3. Use your own musical creation, or if you use

someone else's, do NOT exceed 30 seconds.

Who wants to make a cute videoetry of these items to post on my site? Hmmm? That would be fun!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

“Winter Myst” – Misty Fog Covers Secrets Hidden Underneath

Hi All!

Did you miss me? 

My goodness, I have been a busy beaver lately. If you’re not aware, I have a new Youtube channel with  partner, Sean Rutkowski, called Slider Cat Adventures.   It’s been keeping me busy, as well as life in general!  Be sure to check out Slider Cat Adventures at

Today’s videoetry was created from photographs I had been holding for a couple of months.  I took the photos at sunrise off of my deck when a heavy fog covered the valley.  And there I was stuck about what to write regarding them.

Then I met someone recently who touched me with a story of an embattled youth, a youth scarred by abuse.  You always know there is more to the people you meet than what is shown on the outside.  Hence, the metaphor of the mist that covers what is underneath – for good and for bad.

Hope you enjoy it.  Click here to view "Winter Myst".

Ciao for now!

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